Cake Toppers

If you're a baker but in need of a cake topper or fondant / sugar paste figures, look no further.  My cake toppers start at $5 depending on design, complexity, and size.  Figurines start at $65.  Please contact me for a consultation and quote.  Below are some figures, cake toppers that I have created.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse & Friends Cake

Shaun the Sheep Cake

Thomas the Tank Engine Train Cake

Many of the detail pieces made of fondant
Thomas' face took several tries before resembling Thomas!

Thomas the Train Engine Cake Topper


"2" coming out of the tunnel, Birthday Name, Stars, Sun,
Clouds, Trees, bushes, mountains, railroad track, and Thomas all made of Fondant.

Army Helicopter Cake Topper

Army Retirement Cake
Army Retirement Cake - Dog Tags
Army Retirement Cake - Grenades
Army Retirement Cake - Grenades & Bullets

Hello Kitty Birthday Luau 
Hello Kitty Birthday Luau - Figurine & Detailed Decorations
 Hello Kitty in a red bikini with surfboard
 Sand Dollar, shells, clouds, palm tree, coconuts
  Palm Tree, coconuts, sun, clouds
 Sun, clouds, beach ball
Palm Tree, coconuts, Name
 Beach towel, Beach sandals, Umbrella
 Surfboard, floaties, Name

 Anpanman (Japanese Anime Character) Birthday Cake Topper

 Hello Kitty Birthday Cake

Hello Kitty wearing Japanese Kimono, tied with "obi" on her back.
Hello Kitty wearing Japanese Kimono, tied with "obi" on her back.

Some other cakes...

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