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Holiday baking!

With holidays come baking...and lots of it!  Christmas seems to by synonymous with cookies, at least in my circle of friends back at home.  Every year, the baking side of everyone seems to come out to create delicious baked goods to share and exchange. I decided to bake two types of biscottis, those Italian twice baked cookies.  One was a chocolate biscotti made with mini semi-sweet chocolate chips and white chocolate chips, deliciously dipped in white chocolate. The other was a chocolate biscotti with mint chocolate chips and milk chocolate chips.  This year, I was visiting family in LA from Thanksgiving through New Years, with a wedding in Tahiti for 5 days at the front end.  I have been staying at my mom's place for 2.5 weeks, which is nice because she has so many of the baking tools that I usually require to bake.  I ran over to Joann's to purchase the little goodie baggies and ties, and biscotti ingredients at Ralphs. I took over her kitchen from 10 p.m. through 6

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Birthday Cake

Arrived in LA for a fantastic early Thanksgiving dinner with the in-laws, then more turkey with loads of other deliciousness with family & friends on Thanksgiving Day.  Our flight out to Tahiti/Moorea for my sister-in-law's wedding was Friday night. I was so excited to make my first cake in Los Angeles : Mickey Mouse Clubhouse themed cake for a friend's daughter's 2nd birthday.  Glad I was able to bake & design /decorate the cake in time! Happy that my food coma didn't prevent me from completing the cake, finally finished at 3 am!  Cake: Vanilla Gold Buttercake Filling: Vanilla Buttercream Icing: Vanilla Buttercream Cake toppers & design: Fondant Characters: Disney Character Figurines Happy 2nd Birthday, Rosie!

MAC Makeup & Gift Bag Cake

After 14 months of saving up not-quite-yet-enough-$, my family and I will be traveling to Los Angeles for Thanksgiving, then off to Tahiti for my sister-in-law's wedding, and back to Los Angeles to spend the rest of December/Christmas/New Year Day with family & friends! My first flight in 14 months since we've moved here to VA last September; we are way overdue! But before I start my dreaded packing , I received my last cake request this week:  Bouncing around ideas for a girly birthday, my client sent me some photos of a MAC makeup cake.  So here it is! Cake: Marble Butter Cake Filling: Vanilla Buttercream Frosting: Fondant Cake toppers: fondant makeup :) Best way to bake my last cake in VA for the year! Happy Birthday, India!    

Musician's 70th Birthday Cake

I was asked to create a birthday cake for a 70th birthday.  He is a musician, plays the guitar, and served in the Air Force.  So I thought to combine all three by making a fondant guitar, a variety of music notes, and the Air Force emblem for the cake toppers. Theme: Music Notes, Guitar, Air Force Colors: Black & White Vanilla Gold Butter Cake Vanilla Buttercream Frosting Happy 70th Birthday Jack!

Princess & the Frog Baby Shower Cake

I received an adorable request to create a Baby Shower Cake. I was told the theme was Princess & the Frog, so I decided to go along with the theme and create a 2 tier cake with Princess Tiana (frog) with a Princess blanket, and a baby bottle.  I LOVE babies! Cake: Red Velvet Cake Filling: Cream Cheese Frosting Cake Icing & Toppers: Cream Cheese Frosting covered in Fondant, Fondant Princess Tiana (frog), Baby bottle, & Pink Princess Blanket Congratulations to Kimpa, can't wait to meet your little princess!