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Summertime Citrus Cake Pops!

Cake Pops: Lemon Lime Cake Pops Dipped in Lime Green Ombre Chocolate Topped with Mini Sprinkle Gems Happy Summer!

Toy Story Jessie Birthday Cake

Received a request to make a Jessie (from Toy Story) Birthday cake.  The top tier is chocolate cake covered in fondant to look like Jessie's jean pants with the buckle.  The bottom tier the cow pattern in vanilla buttercream, ropes tied around the base of each tier.  My client said she will supply the Jessie doll to place next to the cake.  Cake: Chocolate Cake Filling: Vanilla buttercream Frosting: (top) vanilla buttercream & fondant, (bottom) vanilla buttercream Happy 3rd Birthday, Eden!

Happy Birthday Cake Pops!

We going up to LA for the first time since we had arrived in SD.  My brother was throwing a surprise birthday for his gf.  And it was the first time to meet her. So I thought I could make something for her. Chocolate cake pops shaped like the moon with tiny stars! Happy Birthday Jessica! And while we were up there visiting family, I also made some for my sister's birthday which we had missed a week earlier. Happy Birthday Maki!

Teal & White Swirl Cake Pops

Individually Hand-Piped Teal & White Chocolate swirls on a chocolate cake pop covered with white or teal melted chocolate.