Army Helicopter Birthday Cake

I received a sweet call from a mother in Texas.  She wanted me to make a special birthday cake for her son who had served in Afghanistan and is currently stateside.  He had celebrated other birthdays away from home, including in Afghanistan where they tried to send cookies, unsuccessfully.  Receiving this call, I was almost in tears and felt honored to make his birthday special with an Army Helicopter Cake, along with an adorable video of his niece singing happy birthday.

Happy Birthday, Justin, and thank you for your service and dedication to our country.

Using only fondant, the long helicopter blades were too still too soft after a day of drying & I had to redo blending half gumpaste which worked perfectly!


 Wood-like Foxhole

Baking & assembling the 4.5 inch tall tower of buttery deliciousness!

Camouflage Vanilla Buttercream, before & after...



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