Cake Sizes and Serving Charts

Please see the chart below for cake sizes and servings when trying to determine the right size cake for your event. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me. A serving size is a 1" x 2" slice. The serving chart and sizes below are industry standard. I use the Wilton Serving Guide to determine the amount of servings per cake size. If you want bigger slices, you need to account for that and choose a larger size cake to accommodate the serving size you want.

Please note that all my round and square cakes are two 2" cakes, which are stacked to give you 4 layers of cake and 3 layers of filling.

Round Cakes

6 inch
12 servings
8 inch
24 servings
10 inch
38 servings
12 inch
56 servings
14 inch
78 servings

Square Cakes

6 inch
18 servings
(cut 3x6)
8 inch
32 servings
(cut 4x8)
10 inch
50 servings
(cut 5x10)
12 inch
72 servings
(cut 6x12)
14 inch
98 servings
(cut 7x14)


Single Layer, no filling (serving size is 2x2x2 inch) 

30 servings
(cut 5x6)
60 servings
(cut 6x10)

Double layer with filling (serving size is 1x2x4 inch)

54 servings
(cut 4x13)
108 servings
(cut 9x12)

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