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USS BOXER "Wetting Down" Cake

  USS BOXER "Wetting Down" Cake! Received a request to make a large cake in the shape of the USS Boxer for a Wetting Down (Promotion) party.  It would have to have 150 servings.  So I calculated that a 28" long USS Boxer cake would suffice for the serving amount.  I doubled the height of the actual ship above the water and had just enough room to include the names of the 6 officers who were throwing this "wetting down" party for the family and friends. Above all, congratulations to my husband, LCDR Jason Yuki Osuga! We are so proud of you! We will follow you wherever you are sent -- wherever the military sends you (and our family), wherever we are together as a family is where we will call "home." So proud of your accomplishments. Thank you for working so hard for our country and our family. I love you very much!! Cake: Chocolate Cake for the top half 3 layers & Vanilla Gold Butter Cake for the bottom half 3 layers Filling: Vanilla Butte