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Cake Cutting Guidelines

Whether you are hosting a standard or wedding party, the goal is to cut clean, attractive and uniform cake  slices: - Have the right size cake based on the number of guests: when in doubt go w/ extra cake. - Use a hot knife: dip it in hot water, dry it w/ paper towel, then cut the cake (repeat for every cutting) Party Slices Round cakes 8” and smaller Cut the cake into wedges, without a center circle. For example, cut the cake in half, then quarters, then eighths, then sixteenths. Stop cutting when you reach the desired size slice. Round cakes 9” and larger To cut cakes 9” or larger, place the knife approximately two inches from the cake's outer edge and cut a circle using the cake’s outer edge as a guideline – effectively carving an outer cake ring (see picture below). Then slice the outer cake ring (approximately 1.5” thick depending on personal preference). When you finish cutting/serving the outer cake ring, repeat until you are left w/ a 8” or smaller round c

Mini Cheesecakes

One of my favorite party desserts to share, everyone loves these cute mini cheesecakes.  Dare you to only eat one of these!