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October Trick or Treats!

Chocolate covered Cake Pops: Marble Cake for Ghost & Spider Vanilla Gold Buttercake for Jack-O-Lantern, Candy Corn, and Pumpkin. Made with Vanilla Buttercream White Chocolate for Spider Web               Hairy Chocolate Spider Cake covered in Ganache  with Hairy Chocolate Ganache covered Chocolate legs, Sitting on a White Chocolate Spider Web       Vanilla Butter Cake Pops: Mummy, Witch, Jack-O-Lantern, Ghost, Frankenstein, R.I.P  

Princess Sofia the First Birthday Cake

The theme of London's 5th Birthday: Princess Sofia the First.  I received a request to make a large 9x13 birthday cake in the shape of the number 5, with colors to match the Princess Sofia the First theme, decorated with 10 purple and white stars around the cake.  The starred cake looked a bit lonely, so the night before the cake was due, I added a bonus tiara as a cake topper. And ended up making 40 stars (yes, I got carried away, but they were so cute!). Happy 5th Birthday, Princess London!