Japanese Strawberry Shortcake

One of the sweetest people I know, I am so thankful and blessed that I met Kim while we were both undergrad students at UCSD.  We both stayed in SD after graduating and often met up to have dinner together.  And often times it was various Thai restaurants or Super Sergio's for Pollo Asado / CA burritos.  I definitely missed being able to meet up for our late night dinners when I moved to Japan and lived there for the next 5 years, then DC for the next 2.  And now that we are back in SD for the next couple of years, I am so happy I am able to catch up, have our daughter play together (yes, I can't believe we are mommy now!) and that I was able to make this Japanese Strawberry Shortcake for her birthday!

Happy 30th Birthday to one of my best friends, Kim!


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