University of Maryland's Mascot: The Testudo Cake

What do you get for your fiance who loves his Alma Mater?  A University of Maryland's Mascot, Testudo cake!  I received a request to create a Red Velvet cake with Vanilla Buttercream filling in the form of University of Maryland's Mascot, Testudo.

I was sent 2 photos of Testudo and chose to recreate the 3D Testudo on its belly with a large M on its shell.   Kenneth's favorite color is white, so I decided to write "Happy Birthday, KENNETH" in white.

The body, head, arms, legs, and tail were all made with red velvet cake layered with vanilla buttercream frosting.  The shell was created with fondant & patterned with buttercream.  The mouth, nose, & eyes were lined with buttercream and eyes filled with royal icing.  The claws were made of fondant, and grass was buttercream.

Happy (surprise) Birthday, Kenneth!




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