Japanese Strawberry Shortcake & Cake Pops for a Special Birthday!

I was asked to make a Japanese Strawberry Shortcake for a very special 40th Birthday, along with 3 dozen cake pops.  The 4 layer cake was filled with 3 layers of fresh strawberries and whipped cream, which ended up being 5 inches tall.  Then I decided to top the 10 inch diameter cake with 40 strawberries, and make a variety of designs for the 3 dozen cake pops.  Her favorite color being yellow I made yellow cake pops (Vanilla Cake) with white swirls and white cake pops (Chocolate Cake) with yellow swirls, all tied with a little white ribbon.  The other 2 designs were a blue ombre (Vanilla Cake) made with layers of fondant ruffles, tied with a little blue ribbon and pink sakura (cherry blossom) flowers (Chocolate Cake) for the spring season, tied with a little green ribbon.

Cake: Japanese Strawberry Shortcake
Filling: 3 layers of fresh strawberries with whipped cream
Frosting: whipped cream
Topping: 40 whole fresh strawberries

Cake Pops:
Yellow with white swirls: Vanilla Cake
White with yellow swirls: Chocolate Cake
Blue Ombre: Vanilla Cake
Sakura Cherry Blossoms: Chocolate Cake

Happy 40th Birthday, Kaori!

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