Baby Elephant 2nd Birthday Cake

I received a request to create a birthday cake for a 2 year old boy who LOVES elephants.  He has 12 elephants living in his home already.  I wonder how many more lucky elephants he received for his birthday? :-)

The design was to be similar to another cake I had made previously here.  She wanted only the baby elephant on top as the cake topper, wearing a party hat and sitting on top of the brown blanket over many leaves.  The elephant would be blowing out a small cake with 2 candles.  The top tier cake was to have a name banner hanging from a red rope with yellow triangles that read "ENZO."  As this cake was 2 tiers, I also placed many various colored leaves around the lower cake for added decorations.

Cake: Vanilla Butter Cake
Filling: Oreo Buttercream
Icing: Vanilla Buttercream
Decorations: Fondant

Happy 2nd Birthday, Enzo!

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