Zebra Birthday Cake with a Lavender Ribbon Birthday Cake

I received a request from a sweet lady who wanted to gift a birthday cake to her cousin.  She was driving all the way up from Hampton, VA, a 160 mile drive, to celebrate her cousin's 21st birthday.

Her cousin loves zebra print and lavender, so I was to create a zebra patterned vanilla & strawberry flavor cake (zebra pattern cake means that when you cut into the cake you would see the zebra striped pattern…I would cut the cake to show you, but I didn't want to ruin Kathryn's cake!), covered in zebra pattern fondant to resemble a gift box, & tied with a lavender ribbon.  10 black, white, and lavender shooting stars would shoot out of the cake.  A fondant "name tag"was to read "Kathryn" with piped Happy 21st Birthday on the cake board.  I was informed that Kathryn was studying culinary at Stratford University, so I was very honored to create her birthday cake -- hope she liked it as much as I enjoyed making it! :-)

Happy 21st Birthday, Kathryn!


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