Texas Hold'em Birthday Cake


I received a request to bake a cake for a husband's birthday.  He loves to play Texas Hold'em, so we decided on a Texas Hold'em design for the chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream frosting.  This brought back the fun memories of the days during college when I used to play Texas Hold'em with my friends in LA/SD.   One time, I had two queens and two more came out.  Boy, was I lucky!  Then there was a time I tried to play at the tables in Vegas, but lost all my money rather quickly (even before the second card was shown.  They must've known I was a newbie.   I suppose I'm not as good at bluffing as I should be to play real Texas Hold'em.  I learned the hard way -- that was the last time I played Texas Hold'em.  But I think making this cake was just as fun, and I didn't lose any $! :-)

The poker chips were made of fondant, the cards were actual playing cards.

Cake: Chocolate Cake
Frosting: Vanilla Buttercream
Cake Toppers: Fondant Poker Chips, Playing Cards

Happy Birthday, Don!

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