Happy First Birthday, Fiona Yumi!


During our stay in Los Angeles this past holiday, we dropped by the AMC movie theater at the South Bay Galleria on our walk home from having lunch with our friends.  Disney's FROZEN had just started 10 min. prior, so we decided to watch it.  I truly enjoyed it, especially because the movie depicts a sister relationship and I, having an older sister, can relate to it. And who doesn't love Olaf?!  We are caught singing to FROZEN all the time, and Claire begs to watch song clips from FROZEN on youtube.

One year ago...
My contraction and labor started at 2 a.m. on Jan. 25th, 2013.  My second daughter was born 4 hours later and snow fell during our stay at the hospital.  It was a beautiful scene to see white snow fall from our window at Fort Belvoir Community Hospital.

To go along with the winter/snowy theme, and since Fiona's first movie was FROZEN, we thought what better than to throw her a "Winter ONEderland" birthday party.  Fiona dressed up as Anna and Claire dressed up as Elsa.  I decorated our home with snowflakes, bought a manzanita tree with crystals to look like snow, a light up snowman, white lit-up christmas tree, and used white vases, white platters, and white bowls.   I wish I had taken more photos -- I forgot to take photos until mid party.  But here are some photos that I took, and some photos that my friends, April & Kaori, also took.

Happy Happy First Birthday, Fiona Yumi!  You bring us much joy (and occasional heart attacks with your adventurous spirit). We love you very, very much!

Preparing the foods! My little helpers…

Making Hard Candy for the "ICE" crystals on the cake… took about 3 hours!

Let the Party Begin!

Arts & Crafts: Making Elsa's Tiara, Sven's Antlers, Snowflake barretts, Marshmallow Olaf


Frozen Theme Foods:


Take Home Gifts: Filling up the Mason Jars with goodies! :-)


Happy First Birthday, Fiona!  We love you!!

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