Teddy Bear First Birthday Cake wth Elmo Bib

Received yet another adorable request for a first birthday cake:  a 3D Baby Teddy Bear wearing a diaper and an Elmo Bib, building block letters spelling birthday boy's name placed in front of the cake.

They had scheduled a taste testing session back in March and said they liked the Strawberry cake & Chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream filling.  So they wanted their cake to be half strawberry, half chocolate.  Then 2 days before the birthday party, they requested the cake be made gluten free with minimal sugar.  I had to run to the store to buy the different ingredients to make a gluten free cake, but I'm happy that I was able to do this for them, since the mother was saying that her son was reacting to the cupcake that she had made earlier in the week.

Cake: Gluten-free Strawberry & Gluten-free Chocolate Cake
Filling: Vanilla Buttercream
Icing: Vanilla Buttercream

Design specifics:
*Teddy bear with hands in front, space for a cupcake (mother will make the cupcake)
*Teddy will have a bib on with Elmo, covering half of the torso, belly hanging out below.
*Teddy will wear diaper
*Letter blocks "ALEC" in front of Teddy [red, green, yellow, blue]
*Teddy will have brown "chestnut" color "hair/fur" with light pink nose, black eyes (refer to photo sent of teddy bear" to recreate size of eyes, where to place the eyes, etc.)

Happy First Birthday, ALEC!

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