Hello Kitty Luau Birthday Cake

Hello Kitty is still one of the most sought after characters especially by teen girls, but not to exclude anyone, especially myself.  I was excited to be asked to make a Hello Kitty & Luau themed birthday cake for a friend's daughter's birthday.  The requirements were: sweet yellow cake & super sweet frosting. Got it!  The many detailed fondant pieces took over a week to create, especially because my 3 year old daughter was excited to play with what she thought was "play dough" and I would help her blend colors to create her own masterpieces (not used for the Hello Kitty Luau cake).  Most of the pieces had to be made after my girls went down for the night.  As time allowed, I would add pieces to fill up the cake.  My favorite fondant decoration on the cake: Hello Kitty wearing a red bikini with a hibiscus flower on her head.

Once the 6, 8, and 10 inch cake tiers were baked, cooled, filled, crumb coated, the top tier was covered in light blue rolled fondant for the blue sky.  The middle tier was covered in sand-colored buttercream and adorned with Pirouette cookies to resemble a tiki hut.  The bottom layer was surrounded by blue buttercream waves.  Hello Kitty in a red bikini, rainbow colored beach ball, surf board, 2 palm trees, coconuts, sun, clouds, sea shells, 4 floaties, beach sandals, beach towel, beach umbrella, another surfboard, teddy grahams and some swedish fish were decorated around the cake, the entire cake weighed 30 lbs. (or at least it felt like it)!

Straws help support the weight of the upper tiers

Mixture of 2 blue buttercream colors to make the waves look more like the ocean!

Happy 7th Birthday Aliya!

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